Getting ready!

9 Jul

Only 2 days to go until  Antal, Mauricio, Paul and Tori head to Sierra Leone to continue their mission in Yele. The four members will be traveling to Sierra Leone on July 11, 2011 to continue the work they’ve been developing during the past year, and to put all those months of fundraising efforts to good use.

The Yele Team!

Preparations for the trip are long: visas, flights, passports, medication, vaccinations (including yellow fever or typhoid), working material, clothing, transport… All has been taken care of, to the very last detail, and they are ready to go!

In Yele from July 11 to August 11, the team’s goals for this trip are ambitious: they include providing refrigeration and lighting, evaluating the development of the hydroelectric power plant and beginning negotiations with Ecobank for their support in the Community Bazaar.

Paul's visa for Sierra Leone

Meanwhile, from the other side of the world, in Boston, the 5th member of the Yele team, Anna, will be coordinating the expedition. Amongst other things, she will be in charge of solving any problems or obstacles that may be encountered during the trip. For any inquiries or doubts about the project, you may contact her at:

Follow and support the Yele team’s efforts here!  This page will be updated with stories, photos and videos directly from Yele.

For further details on the project, please visit the permanent website: Project Yele



2 Responses to “Getting ready!”

  1. Jacob Conteh July 9, 2011 at 12:16 #

    Folks, I cannot contain my joy to see your smiling faces and full enthusiasm as you head to my hometown Yele. I wish I was there in Yele to welcome you in a full cultural way. What you are doing is what most of the world has refused to do: Leave your comfort zone and delve into a different culture to help people who will not be able to return the favor. But you are not alone. Bill Gates has been providing billions to help Africa and his efforts are paying off in combating AIDS. While you are there, if you need help with anything, a bucket of mangoes, a bag of oranges, a live chicken (ask Tori to explain!) or the like, text me and I will make it happen. For now, I wish you a very safe trip to Sierra Leone, and say hi to all my family.

    • Project Yele July 10, 2011 at 16:02 #

      Thank you so much Jacob!! We’re also very excited and look forward to going to Yele again! We’ll do our best to be true to our words and help Yele become the new center of Sierra Leone. Thanks for the encouragement, it’s worth a lot to us.

      P.S.: We might just call you about those mangoes— I can think of no better fuel for the body and mind during our work :).

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