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Introducing… eLuma!

5 Aug

Journal #6

Project Yele’s expedition to Yele is reaching its last week, and so much has already been done.

By popular demand amongst locals, the community bazaar has been baptized eLuma (e = electricity and Luma = market in Krio). Continue reading


Getting on with the Yele Community Bazaar

31 Jul

Journal #5

Good news has arrived to the town of Yele, as Don from the Lion Heart Foundation, and the Paramount Chief of Yele arrived with the three passports, confiscated a few days before.

After a lot of discussion with the immigration office, and having notified the respective embassies, the issue is – more or less – resolved. Of course, the team celebrated with some palm wine. Continue reading

Yele: getting to know the locals

24 Jul

Journal #3

As the team is getting settled in Yele – and Tori still waiting for her lost luggage to appear – the works on the D-labs are taking shape, aiming to create charcoal briquettes as a clean and cheap fuel.

Briquette Maker

This initiative is inspired by the Massachusetts Institution of Technology’s D-Lab, a department founded by Amy Smith to find simple solutions with available and clean products. As advised by D-Lab experts, the Project Yele Team is focusing on finding methods to make charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste – or biowaste – and teach locals to keep producing them in the future.  Continue reading

What’s the Bazaar all about?

16 Jul

What is Project Yele working on in Sierra Leone?

Having participated in the design and reconstruction of the hydroelectric power plant in Yele, the team wants to ensure that the inhabitants of this rural village make the most of the energy provided.

Hydro electric power plant in construction

In other words, we want to convert this energy into economic activity, through the Community Bazaar. Continue reading

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